The Business Technology Club
Vision: To be at the forefront of cultivating talented Business Technology students through experience and professional growth.

Mission: The Haskayne Business Technology Club aims to enhance the learning experience of undergraduate students through real-life assignments that utilize information technology to solve business problems, and through facilitating networking events with like-minded students and business professionals in these fields.
Our goal is to bridge the gap that exists between business and technology by providing opportunities for students to acquire unique skills and experiences. Through the Business Technology Club’s facilitation, students will be able to meet like-minded peers and industry professionals in the fields of business technology and data analytics.

The Executive Team
Arjie Arcos,
Hanya Rizvi,
VP of Corporate Relations
Christian Herrera,
VP of Marketing
Jasmine Nguyen,
VP of Events
Fayaz Osman,
VP of Projects
Umair Abbasi,
VP of Finance
Sunny Trang Pham,
Director of Events
Mishal Cheema,
Director of Communications
Tayyabeen Kazmi,
Director of Marketing